WordPress Website/Blog Adjustments

WordPress Website/Blog Adjustments


We will help you to edit and adjust design and function of your WordPress website or blog.


Do you have your blog or website running on WordPress and need to do some edits and adjustments?

We are here to help you with any of your requirements!

With our professional skills in WordPress, we strive to always deliver exceptional service to our customers.
We will help you to create a website or blog with the results of your satisfaction and higher your presence in the world. We bring you the real results and leads.

This service includes following edits:

  • Changing of colors, fonts, sizes of cover images, font size and all attributes related to visual of your website
  • Editing or adding new CSS elements to adjust your WordPress theme according to your requirements. We can change practically anything on your website to your liking.
  • Updating of WordPress, plugins, installing new plugins, consultation services where we help you to secure your website and prepare it for better usage experience
  • If it´s necessary, we do some PHP edits in the theme files to reach the expected results

Delivery time may vary upon the amount and nature of requests but usually it´s 10 days.



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